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The 'Home for all Seasons' showcased at Green Sky Thinking Event

Extreme weather conditions are on the rise and designing for sustainable resilience has never been so important; a recent government review indicates 20-30% more extreme rainfall heading our way, and 5.5 million British homes are deemed at risk from rising water levels. Innovative design solutions are needed to tackle this issue for future generations. JTP and The Environmental Design Studio have come together to create “The Home for All Seasons”, a comprehensive response to future environmental challenges which recently won the Sunday Times British Homes Awards competition. The team are now exploring how they might take the ideas through to the next stage with a range of possible sites in mind. The sustainable home focuses on providing long-term protection, comfort and independence for residents through a holistic approach of resilience, rather than resistance, to extreme weather conditions as well as social and economic uncertainties. The design implements permanent features rather than relying on temporary add-ons; the habitable zones and all utilities are elevated to first floor level to ensure minimum disruption and damage during a flood; the house plan adapts to accommodate family growth or downsizing, and on-site energy generation combined with a super insulated building envelope help keep energy costs low. Join us for the story so far – how we are developing the design to become a viable house type, and the challenges and opportunities we face in taking it to market.

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